ADD/ADHD Counseling

ADD/ADHD Counseling


Do you struggle to stay focused?  Is it hard to get tasks done or find that you are constantly losing things?  Have you found, at times, you are struggling at work or with relationships and don’t understand “why”?  Or, does it seem that friends/colleagues don’t understand you? 


Adult ADD/ADHD can be a challenge as you may know – your brain works differently – for you it can be hard to slow down and focus.  You may feel overwhelmed or a sense of anxiety at times; other times when you hit that creative moment and feel that spark you can see your amazing and creative work!  


As your therapist we will work together on how to uncover the strategies that work for you.  While the diagnosis may be the same, the way it looks will be unique to you. Therefore we will work on:

Self Control/Executive Functioning

Daily Structure

Communication Skills


Energy Boosters

Healthy Lifestyle Planning


There are times when that ADHD/ADD can be your superpower.  I will strive to assist you to change the relationship with your ADD/ADHD and to tap in to that superpower. Contact me today to get started.

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